A brief outline

Bridge is a trick-taking game played by four players in partnership.  After a deal there is an auction in which each partnership bids to name the trump suit, by promising to make a certain number of tricks with the trump suit of their choice.  For the successful side, that promise becomes a contract.  It is the bidding which most newcomers to the game find the most mysterious aspect of Bridge, and leads to the most post-mortems afterwards.  During the bidding each bid made by a player conveys something to each of the other players.  After a well-contested auction each player should have knowledge about all four hands.

The object of the bidding so far as a partnership is concerned is to arrive at the best contract, i.e. to undertake to made the correct number of tricks with the correct suit as trumps.  If their opponents happen to hold the balance of power, and a partnership is destined to become defenders(i.e. their task will be to try to defeat their opponents’ contract), then the bidding can still sometimes be used to convey information to each other about the way to achieve this.  Partners might regard the bidding as a conversation between them, in which they develop their plan for the game.  If they misunderstand each other they will pay the consequences.  

When the contract has been decided one of the contracting sides becomes the declarer.  His partner lays his hand on the table (it becomes the dummy) and in effect takes no further part in the deal.  The declarer then attempts to make his contract in the normal way of trick-taking games, while his opponents try to stop him.

This is the essence of the game. 

It is very sociable and great fun and anyone can play the game – you do not have to be a card player (although it is a help) as the lessons will bring you from start to finish about the game of bridge.

Duration:      2 hour class X 10

Location:      METAC Training            

Cost:              €100

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