The aim of this course is to outline the main causes and sources of CO, the benefits of installing heating systems correctly and the importance of servicing them frequently. It will also outline how through the use of combustion analysers, household and personal alarms, many lives can be saved each year.


• What is it? Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO) is a colourless, odourless poisonous gas which is a common yet preventable cause of death from poisoning worldwide. It can be emitted from a number of items including fires, boilers, exhausts and other fuel burning equipment.

• Why it’s important? Every year in Ireland a number of people die from unintentional CO poisoning in their homes/business related to domestic heating or other fossil fuel installation in their homes and businesses.


• CO formation & potential domestic sources
• Visual indicators, physical effects & first aid
• Appliance CO safety limits, ambient room safety testing
• Protection & detection devices for professionals
• Household protection devices, types, preferred location
• Interconnecting CO alarms to gas and oil boilers
• Customer safety, advice and evacuation limits
• Practical workshop
  CO safety check on gas & oil appliances, ambient room safety testing, locating & installing domestic CO alarms (wireless), testing of existing domestic alarms


TRAINEE PROFILE:  People working with boilers

DURATION:               1 Day

LOCATION:               METAC Training

COURSE FEE:           €150p.p.
CERTIFICATION:      Certificate of Attendance & Completion

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