Course Content:

  • Introduction to Photography, Camera types.  What is in an image?  Overview of the general uses and methods of image making. 
  • Digital Photography.  Camera power, The camera, it’s components, features and accessories. Film and Digital Cameras compared.
  • Shutter speeds, Apertures and settings.  Correct use of these controls with regard to a wide variety of photographic situations.
  • Composition and conception of the picture. Combining the distance, shutter speed and aperture settings to produce pictures which conform to the pre-conceived picture taking plan.
  • The computer and the camera. Downloading the images. File types and images to suit different requirements.  Intro to Picasa 3
  • Photography Workshop. (taking pictures outdoors & indoors if possible)  11am-1pm
  • Image manipulation. Removal of unwanted areas in pictures. 
  • Summary, Using Windows Movie Maker to present your photographs. 


Course Duration: 8 classes over 6 weeks X 2 hour classes 

Location:               METAC Training     

Course Cost:        Please contact our office for further details

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