The aim of this course is to equip trainees with the relevant knowledge and technical competence to join polyethylene pipe safely using Electrofusion techniques.


  • Understand Electrofusion Techniques and the Benefits
  • Understand Water & Gas Piping on site & safety implications when carrying out Electrofusion
  • Examining alternative machines for fusion of MDPE and LDPE pipework and fittings
  • Testing and commissioning of PE pipe
  • Understanding installation procedures of mains pipework and connection to water meters
  • Work in accordance with Health & Safety regulations
  • Theoretical & Practical Assessment



  • Understand the essential elements required to make successful joints using Electrofusion methods
  • Demonstrate the ability to join PE pipes together in line with industry standards
  • Correctly set up Electrofusion equipment ready for operation
  • Correctly clean and clamp PE pipe in order to eliminate joint faults
  • Demonstrate the ability to use an Electrofusion unit
  • Quality assurance application to completed joints, to ensure suitability to carry water


TRAINEE PROFILE:             Building Professionals, Plumbers, Drainage Contractors, Groundworks Personnel

DURATION:                           3 Days

LOCATION:                           METAC Training

COURSE FEE:                      Please contact our office for further details

CERTIFICATION:                 BLUEflame Certified  

Please Note:

Application Forms with all details including payment must be completed before training/assessment commences. Three recent photographs (passport style and size in colour) must be submitted with each application.

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