This MVHR Installer course provides installers with the opportunity to learn new skills and increase their scope of work. Enables candidates to install any domestic mechanical ventilation heat recovery system safely and efficiently. Helps understanding MVHR along with heating load and supply air heating. This course also emphasizes the most common systems and configurations that most installers are likely to encounter


  • Air quality, Control of humidity & CO2 levels
  • Role & Benefits of mechanical ventilation heat recovery
  • Components of a ventilation unit & system
  • Design a system for a single-family-house, ductwork planning, silencers, zoning for supply, extract & transfer
  • Calculation of energy saving and running costs
  • Sizing of system, sizing of ducting and dimensions of the air flow rate
  • Practical demonstrations of component installation
  • Balancing the system using hood capture anemometer
  • Commissioning, user guidelines, maintenance, filters etc
  • As part of this course airtightness testing will be covered. Requirements, results and how the building airtightness affects MVHR systems efficiency. A blower door test demonstration is also carried out
  • Introduction to the decentralized system.


TRAINEE PROFILE:             Plumbers, Builders, Insulation Personnel, Architects, Engineers, Designers,                                                        Consultants, Heat merchants, Apprentices

DURATION:                          2 Days 

LOCATION:                          METAC Training 

COURSE FEE:                     Contact our office for further details

CERTIFICATION:                Certificate of Completion

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