The aim of this module is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to safely carry out non-domestic gas appliance installation, maintenance and pipework inspections in accordance with applicable standards, legislation and guidelines, whilst working on their own initiative or in a supervisory capacity.

On successful completion of this course the participants will have acquired an extensive insight into non-domestic gas safety and pipework and will have the acquired the skills and knowledge to safely carry out non-domestic gas works.

                       Unit 1:                   Introduction
                       Unit 2:                   Legislation and Standards
                       Unit 3:                   Health & Safety Regulations
                       Unit 4:                   Combustion
                       Unit 5:                   Ventilation
                       Unit 6:                   Chimneys and Flues
                       Unit 7:                   Pipework System Installation and Commissioning
                       Unit 8:                   Strength Testing, Tightness Testing and Purging
                       Unit 9:                   LPG Storage and Distribution
                       Unit 10:                 Maintenance and Repair
                       Unit 11:                 Electrical Testing and Safety (including 3 phase)
                       Unit 12:                 Practical Workshop

DURATION:                                 15 Day Course (10 days for currently registered RGI’s)

LOCATION:                                  METAC Training

COURSE FEE:                               Contact our office for more details

RGI’s:                                            Contact our office for more details

Please note:
Application forms with all details including payment must be completed before training/assessment commences. Two recent photographs(passport style and size in colour) must be submitted with each application.


Some course feedback we have received:

“Definitely one of the better courses I have completed. The course instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable. The course content was difficult but in the end we got through it with a very good understanding of it” Seamus Sheerin (Non-Domestic Gas Core Safety & Pipework April 2018)

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