From the outside, Passive House buildings are no different from conventional buildings, because the term “Passive House” refers to a standard and not a certain construction method. Good planning and careful implementation of details are decisive factors in the construction of Passive House buildings, the world’s leading standard in low energy, sustainable construction.

The aim of this training for the ”Certified Passive House Tradesperson” certificate is to convey an overall impression of the interdisciplinary Passive House concept to tradesmen involved in the construction industry. 


Passive House – Interdisciplinary principles Building Envelope Specialist – Training  Building Services Specialist – Training  Air-tightness Specialist – practical training
Passive House Definition
Passive House Criteria
The 5 pillars of the Passive House principles
Ecology and comfort
PHPP and other planning principles
Economic efficiency
Construction process and quality assurance
User information and user support 
Thermal insulation in the Passive House
Thermal bridge free construction
Passive House Windows
Summer comfort
Refurbishment of existing buildings using Passive House components 
Why is ventilation essential?
Controlled home ventilation with heat recovery
Individual components of ventilation systems
Heating via fresh air in Passive Houses
Heating in the Passive House
Heat generation and heat distribution in the Passive House
Implementation-relevant details
Refurbishment of existing buildings
Air-tightness & Building Regulations
Blower Door Demonstration
Practical Air-tightness installation with Ampack Air-tightness membranes
Practical Air-tightness to windows and membrane penetrations with Ampack window tapes.
Wind-tightness membranes & Tapes 


TRAINEE PROFILE:     Experienced qualified tradepersons working in the construction industry.   

DURATION:                   5 days                       

COURSE FEE:              €650


The Passivhaus Tradesperson qualification is internationally accredited by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. On successful completion of the exam participants are listed on the Passivhaus Tradesperson database.

There are 3 parts to the exam, all participants must sit part 1, part 2 is envelope specialist and part 3 is services specialist – participants can sit either of these disciplines or both. If you pass both you will receive two certificates. Each part is 45 mins long.

The fee for the exam for international accreditation is 195euro which covers exam marking & 5 year certification from the Passivhaus Institut. All participants get a free listing on website

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