The aim of this course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge in how to power flush a system. It will also provide information on the procedures which need to be carried out prior to starting the flushing as well as the chemicals required. 


This course has been designed for people with a good knowledge of plumbing systems and who are practically minded. It is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to use a power flushing machine and chemicals for both removing sludge from a system and also protecting the system after flushing.


  • Preparing your system for power flushing
  • Power flushing procedure
  • Heating system preparation
  • Connections and controls of the power flushing unit
  • Fernox system cleaners
  • Practical workshop,Connecting a power flushing unit to a heating system, adding cleaners to the system, reverse flow action on the power flushing unit, disconnection of the unit and cleaning out the filters


TRAINEE PROFILE:             People working with heating systems 

DURATION:                          1 Day

LOCATION:                          METAC Training

COURSE FEE:                     Contact our office for further details

CERTIFICATION:                 Certificate of Attendance & Completion

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