The aim of this full-time 10 day programme is to provide learners with the knowledge, skills and competence to plan, design and install wind turbine projects for small systems. This programme comprises one compulsory programme module and learners who successfully complete this programme will achieve a QQI Special Purpose Level 6 Award in Implementation of Small Scale Wind Systems (6S0325).


The objective of this course is to equip the candidate with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to install and service small scale wind systems with a rotor swept area of up to 200 M2, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, and relevant legislation and standards.


  • Module 1        Feasibility study of small scale wind turbines
  • Module 2        Wind turbine output.
  • Module 3        Planning requirements for wind turbine installations.
  • Module 4        Legislative and regulatory considerations.
  • Module 5        Raising and lowering wind turbines.
  • Module 6        Identification of potential hazards during the installation process.
  • Module 7        Health & Safety requirements.
  • Module 8        Installation sequence for wind systems.
  • Module 9        Tools and equipment required.
  • Module 10      Maintenance requirements for wind turbines.
  • Module 11      Conformance and testing of micro wind systems. Practical Training Workshops on Products & Equipment, Product Identification & Product Types.


TRAINEE PROFILE:             Numerical aptitude Spatial aptitude Ability to extract and gather information Experience in organising people and coordinating resources and timescales desirable. A knowledge of building construction is required. An ability to work at heights.

DURATION:                           10 days

LOCATION:                           METAC Training 

COURSE FEE:                      Please contact our office for further details

CERTIFICATION:                 QQI Level 6

Please Note: 

Application Forms with all details including payment must be completed before training/assessment commences. Three recent photographs (passport style and size in colour) must be submitted with each application.

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