The Aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge to enable them to assist customers in choosing the correct solid fuel appliance and to recognise the installation & fuel requirements.


  • Unit 1: Show an awareness of solid fuel legislation that applies to work in dwellings.
  • Unit 2: Know and be able to identify solid mineral fuels and the factors affecting fuel selection.
  • Unit 3: Know the basic operating principals of solid fuel appliances.
  • Unit 4: Show an awareness of the factors which affect the selection of solid fuel appliances and be able to identify appliances and determine minimum operating efficiencies.
  • Unit 5: Know the principles of safe combustion of solid fuel.
  • Unit 6: Show awareness of the ventilation requirements for solid fuel appliances in dwellings.
  • Unit 7: Show an awareness of the standards applying to chimneys and flue systems.
  • Unit 8: Show an awareness of the requirements of the hearth and fire surrounds.
  • Unit 9: Show an awareness of the different methods of linking solid fuel fired appliances with existing appliances.
  • Unit 10: Show an awareness of unsafe solid fuel situations.


TRAINEE PROFILE:            Counter hands

LOCATION:                           METAC Training & Venues around Ireland

DURATION:                           1 Day

COURSE FEE:                       Contact our office for further details

CERTIFICATION:                  OFTEC Certificate of Completion

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