Candidates who successfully complete this module will:

  • Be familiar with both local and international legislative changes specific to the educational system for the special needs child
  • Acquire an understanding of computer technologies available for the special needs child and recognize their specific benefits
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the curriculum and it’s implications for the child with special needs
  • Recognize the importance of observational skills when working with children within the educational system
  • Develop an in – depth understanding into the importance of both personal and professional development when working in the area of special needs


The Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Educational Provision for the Special Needs Child
  • Specific Curriculum Issues and the Special Needs Child
  • Observational Skills
  • Personal and Professional Development


Preferred Entry Level: Candidates wishing to complete this module should have successfully completed the locally devised FETAC Level 5 module entitled “Special Needs Assistant Training”

Duration:         3 hour class, 1 evening per week x 10 weeks

Location:         METAC Training

Cost:                €740p.p

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