Spray tanning students will cover comprehensive training and extensive practical experience in the following areas:

*Client consultation
*Contraindications to treatment
*The benefits and effects of spray tanning
*The practical instruction of spray tanning
*Treatment aftercare and maintenance
*Pricing your treatment
*Hygiene and sterilisation
*Health & Safety

Students have the full use of the spray tanning equipment and materials in the workshop.

A model is required for this workshop.  Please ensure that 24 hours prior to attending the workshop that they have exfoliated the body thoroughly, applied no body moisturisers or deodorant and that they bring/wear loose fitting clothing and flip-flops.

DURATION:                                 4 hours (2 classes X2 hours) or 1 Saturday X 4 hours
COURSE FEE:                            Please contact our office for further details
CERTIFICATION:                       Certificate of Completion

Please note:
Kits are available upon request and must be paid for prior to workshop commencement.

200-125   300-075   210-260   210-060   300-115   100-105   300-101   400-101   300-320   300-070   300-206   200-310   300-135   300-208   810-403   400-050   640-916   642-997   300-209   400-201   200-355   352-001