The aim of this course is to equip trainees with the relevant knowledge and technical competence to install and maintain rainwater harvesting systems.


  •        Understand the importance of water as a valuable resource
  •        Appreciate the broad scope of the water framework directive
  •        Develop an awareness of river catchments and river basin districts
  •        Understand the role of new technologies and new concepts in water management
  •        Be familiar with sustainable water management strategies
  •        Understand water collection, storage systems, filtration stages and water treatment
  •        Establish the characteristics and difference between direct and gravity Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  •        Carry out risk assessments prior to commencing an installation and adhere to relevant Health & Safety guidelines
  •        Design and learn how to install a Rainwater Harvesting System



  • Unit 1: The Water Cycle
  • Unit 2: Fluvial Processes
  • Unit 3: Water Management in Natural Environments
  • Unit 4: Threats to Water Quality
  • Unit 5: Water Protection
  • Unit 6: Practical Training Workshops,Products & Equipment, Product Identification & Product Types


TRAINEE PROFILE:              Architect, Farmer, Plumber, Building Professionals, Engineers or anyone interested in installing Rainwater Harvesting Systems

DURATION:                           3 Days  

LOCATION:                           METAC Training

COURSE FEE:                       €495p.p.

CERTIFICATION:                  FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Sustainable Water Management  

Please Note: 

Application Forms with all details including payment must be completed before training/assessment commences. Three recent photographs (passport style and size in colour) must be submitted with each application.

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