To provide the knowledge and skills required to join polyethylene pipe safely using Electrofusion techniques as well as to enable learners to acquire the knowledge and skills to competently install Water Meter Systems.


Gas & Electrofusion Water Meters
  • Understand Electrofusion Techniques and the Benefits
  • Acquire knowledge about Water Meter Systems
  • Understand Water & Gas Piping on site & safety implications when carrying out Electrofusion
  • Identify the different types of metering
  • Examining alternative machines for fusion of MDPD and LDPE pipework and fittings
  • Acquire knowledge about the installation of metering systems
  • Testing and commissioning of PE pipe
  • Recognise the need for meter repair and maintenance
  • Understanding installation procedures of mains pipework and connection to water meters
  • Work in accordance with Health & Safety regulations
  • Work in accordance with Health & Safety regulations



Theoretical Practical
  • Introduction to water meters
  • Mechanical meter installation
  • Displacement metering
  • Water mains installation
  • Velocity metering
  • Meter repair
  • Water meter register
  • Demonstrate the ability to join PE pipes together in line with industry standards
  • Meter reading
  • Correctly set up Electrofusion equipment ready for operation
  • Mechanical meter installation
  • To correctly clean and clamp PE pipe in order to eliminate joint faults
  • Meter repair/maintenance
  • Demonstrate the ability to use an Electrofusion Unit
  • Essential elements required to make successful joints using Electrofusion methods
  • Apply quality assurance to completed joints, to ensure suitability to carry water
  • Health & Safety
  • Carry out the Electrofusion process in accordance with Health and Safety requirements
 Practical Training Workshops,Products & Equipment, Product Identification & Product Types


TRAINEE PROFILE:          Services & Mains Layers, Plumbers, Non Plumbers 

DURATION:                           4 Days

LOCATION:                           METAC Training

COURSE FEE:                      Please contact our office for further details

CERTIFICATION:                 BLUEflame Certified

Please Note:
Application Forms with all details including payment must be completed before training/assessment commences. Two recent photographs (passport style and size in colour) must be submitted with each application.

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