Dog Grooming

Course Content: 

  • Responsible dog ownership, why groom your dog regularly?
  • What happens if you don’t groom your dog regularly?
  • Introduction to essential grooming equipment
  • The right time to start grooming, suggested grooming regime for different breeds
  • Safe animal handling techniques, understanding animal behaviour
  • Skin conditions and how we contribute
  • Parasite prevention and treatment
  • Coat types, coat care for different breeds, coat preparation, matt removal, shedding seasons, different methods of grooming
  • Eye care, ear care – flushing, cleaning, plucking, treating infections, nail care – clip, file, treating bleeding/cracked nails, paw and pad care, warning signs and care
  • Bathing technique, coat specific shampoos and conditioners, drying techniques, basic clipper techniques

Course Duration: 6 weeks X 2 hour classes

Location:  METAC Training

Course Cost: Please contact our office for further details

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