Micro Solar Photovoltaic Systems Implementation


This programme is designed to provide participants with the skill and knowledge to implement micro scale solar photovoltaic projects (up to 11kw) according to standards, legislation, guidelines and manufacturer’s specifications, whilst working autonomously.


The programme will provide an extensive insight into Micro Solar Photovoltaic Systems Implementation and will prepare candidates for end of programme examinations.


Module 1:           Photovoltaic cell technologies.

Module 2:           Solar PV output.

Module 3:           Planning requirements for Solar PV installations.

Module 4:           Legislative and regulatory considerations.

Module 5:           Maintenance requirements for Solar PV systems.

Module 6:           Identification of potential hazards during the installation process.

Module 7:           Health & Safety requirements.

Module 8:           Installation sequence for Solar PV systems.

Module 9:           Considerations for roof-mounted Solar PV systems.

Module 10:         Roof loading and load bearing capacity.

Module 11:         Tools.

Module 12:         Feasibility study and Design layout.

Module 13:         Conformance and testing of Solar PV systems.

Module 14:         Practical Training Workshops on Products & Equipment, Product Identification & Product Types.


Trainee Profile: Construction Professionals.

Course Duration:    5 Days (4 days in METAC Training)

Course Fees: METAC Training have secured 70% funding towards this course through Laois and Offaly Education and Training Board. Terms and conditions apply, please contact our office for further details

Certification: QQI 6N0306 Special Purpose Award Micro Solar Photovoltaic Systems Implementation  Level 6

Please note:
Application forms with all details including payment must be completed before training/assessment commences. Two recent photographs(passport style and size in colour) must be submitted with each application.

Transfer and progression:

You can progress to a relevant level 6 major award on the National Framework of Qualifications. Please contact our office on 057 8756540 or email registration@metac.ie for further information.

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